UNI-ECO Summer School – Preparation in progress: student co-ordinators meetings

Jul 7, 2021News

The UNI-ECO Summer School will take place from the 19th to the 22nd of July, 2021. Those four days will be fully online, and participants (students and staff from the partner institutions) can register until the 12th of July. For more information, please see the dedicated webpage.

To get to know each other outside the formal sessions and set a nice atmosphere, some students from the five UNI-ECO partner universities volunteered to act as co-ordinators and facilitators during the Summer School. On the 30th of June and 7th of July, students from Barcelona, Budapest, Dublin, Montpellier and Utrecht gathered to speak about the course of the event.

The purpose of the meetings was to brainstorm about some informal activities to be held during the Summer School. The focus group of these activities will be mainly students. The main idea for these sessions is for participants to have a forum to interact and get to know each other in a less formal way.

The work just began but many ideas to break the ice already came up. Students are truly enthusiastic to give a welcoming and cheerful tone to the Summer School!

There are already more than 150 participants registered for the Summer School. You can still join the event by filling this form.

We look forward to you joining this dynamic event and act for a greener campus!