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Our project aims to raise awareness about sustainability on university campuses, and foster cooperation and actions among all the users of the campuses (students, academic and non-academic staff members).

This website presents the objectives of the project, the partners, the passed and ongoing activities and events. The “Platform” section is dedicated to the students and staff members of the partner universities to access training modules on sustainability on campus and to submit green challenges to the university community.

We hope you find relevant information about the project. Do not hesitate to write us for further information in the “Contact” section.


In order to implement the common mission of working together towards sustainable campuses,
UNI-ECO develops an innovative methodology based on 3 key dimensions:

1/ Raise awareness

Sensitizing the university community is one of UNI-ECO’s core objectives. We believe that each member of the community can become more aware of their personal impact on the environment, change or adapt their daily habits, and take actions. UNI-ECO intends to develop and share pedagogical content based on the needs of the community and accessible to each student and staff member to invite them to engage in sustainability.

2/ Collaborate

UNI-ECO aims at cooperation among the users of the campuses throughout the different layers in each institution, and also between the participating universities. The project shall provide a framework supporting initiatives born by students and staff collectively on a local scale and foster the exchange of good practices in order to bring to the surface innovative ideas coming directly from community.

3/ Contribute

UNI-ECO wants to play is part for sustainability on an even larger scale. By thoroughly surveying sustainable practices on campuses and recording and analysing the processes of change within the institutions, the project aims to provide other universities with a methodology, a roadmap to support them in the “green transition” and make university campuses in Europe and beyond more sustainable.

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