Launch of the Green Challenges campaign 2022

Nov 15, 2021News

The UNI-ECO partner universities are simultaneously launching a call for projects “Green Challenges 2022” for their students and staff.

A Green Challenge is a challenge issued to campus users to develop solutions that will improve sustainability at their University campus, working toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The objective of the “Green Challenges campaign” is to encourage campus users to get involved in the community by proposing projects as part of UNI-ECO that promote good practices within the institution, and the exchange of ideas between the partner universities.

Each partner university manages its own internal call for projects within the framework of the “Green challenges” in 2022.

The common themes of the call for projects within “Green challenges 2022” were defined based on the results of a “State of the Art on Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutions” study conducted across the partner institutions during the first phase of UNI-ECO, which included university self-assessments and surveys of students and staff. After the identification of the priority areas for action, the common themes of the call for projects within “Green challenges 2022” have been defined as follows:

1. Raising awareness about SDGs and sustainability in general
2. Actions to conserve and increase biodiversity on campus
3. Moving towards a circular economy at university
4. Finding ways to enhance efficiency (resource use -water, energy-, alternatives to plastic, transport/mobility etc.)

Are you studying or working at one of the partner universities and would like to act to build the sustainable university of tomorrow?

Then join us and act for a greener campus! Form a team of 2 to 5 people and submit your project on the dedicated tab on this platform. You can also join an incomplete team to share your skills and increase your chances of winning.

An evaluation committee defined by each partner university will select a maximum of five projects to proceed as part of the UNI-ECO Green Challenges and receive support in order to be formalized.

A winning team will then be selected by each partner university and will have the opportunity to present their project to an international community during the UNI-ECO Summer School, thus benefiting from a unique international networking opportunity.

The call for projects are open from November 15th to January 2nd, 2022 ( /!\ extended deadline).

So choose a challenge now and submit your vision of the sustainable campus!