Let’s talk! Plant-based coffee corners.

Short description

We would like to introduce plant-based milk on campus, along with information about plant-based options and their reduced impact on the environment.

Long description

By offering plant-based milk in the coffee machines at the university along with information on the environmental impact that certain food choices have we strive for raising awareness around the impact of the food industry on the environment. Currently, there are 200 coffee machines at Utrecht University and none of them contain a plant-based option. Our idea is to offer a plant-based option in some of them. Due to the conversations that usually happen at the coffee corner in breaks, this is a perfect spot for introducing a conversation starter targeting the consciousness of students and staff regarding their eating habits and its impact on the environment. This will be done by using the screens of the machines or placing a board with information or questions to get the conversation on plant-based alternatives started. We know that the company providing the milk for the vending machines offers plant-based milk. Therefore, we will compose a survey to find out which type of plant-based milk is currently most liked among our target group and what attention grabbers work best. Through these conversation starters in the coffee corner, we hope that more discussions about plant-based options will be held between students and staff. We expect to see that this will lower the bar for people to try out more plant-based options by positive encouragement by their peers.

Scope of the project

The scope of the project entails the staff and students at Utrecht University. The goal is to have a significant part of the coffee machines with the plant-based option available.


A budget will be needed to cover costs that are connected to offering plant-based options in the coffee machines. Additionally, a small budget will be used for the creation of the attention grabbers that will be placed at the coffee corners around campus.

How do you envisage dealing with COVID-19 restrictions?

The project can be executed regardless of the COVID-19 restrictions.


Utrecht University

Target audience

  • Students
  • Academic staff members
  • Non-academic staff members

Expected date to be completed


Team Leader Information

Name: Femke de Haan
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Geosciences
Position: Student
Number of members of this group: 1

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