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Emphasising by means of advertising the savings and advantages of switching to LED lighting in a room, laboratory or building on a University campus

Long description

This project aims to highlight and advertise the advantages and savings that can be achieved by switching from incandescing/fluorescing lighting to LED lighting in a room, workshop, laboratory, or a building lobby/corridor within a University campus. The initial lighting inspection is very simple to achieve, and the analysis and comparison can be done by using the current lighting specifications, Universities fee per kWh of electricity and the electricity suppliers estimate of CO2 emissions produced per kWh of electricity. This analysis and comparisons yield results such as annual savings of CO2 emissions produced by the lighting, monitory savings, payback of initial investment, increased lighting advantages, reduced service calls, reduced bulb wastage and increased lamp life. When these results are displayed on a poster at the entrance of each room, workshop, laboratory, or building, it is intended to emphasise the overall advantages of switching to LED lighting to everybody that uses the space and the waste associated to non-LED lighting. The intention of this information is to educate everybody that uses the space on the importance to conserve lighting and ho easy and cost-effective implement new technologies such as LED lighting. The other intention is to make School managers, heads of faculties & Schools and especially the service department aware of the issues with non-LED lighting and to indicate the monitory savings that can be achieved along with a reduction of service calls for lighting replacements. Hopefully, this information will force them to act as it indicates a sustainability issue within the University that can be easily addressed with multiple rewards Overall, this project is a non-invasive, no cost and does not require much time and effort to inform everybody that enters or uses a particular space of the advantages of switching to LED lighting

Scope of the project

This project has already started in Trinity College Dublin's School of Physics. An analyses of a room, a laboratory and the buildings foyer, corridors and non-room lighting has been completed. The project is local to the School of Physics but can easily be applied to other building or Schools.


Estimate €10 for a poster

How do you envisage dealing with COVID-19 restrictions?

Covid is not an issue as it requires no interaction between person's


Trinity College Dublin

Target audience

  • Students
  • Academic staff members
  • Non-academic staff members
  • Others
Estates and Facilities

Expected date to be completed


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Name: James McLoughlin
Faculty/Department: School of Physics
Position: Non-academic staff member
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