Short description

Encourage reusing-recycling (reducing) books and college materials.

Long description

Every semester as students we get books and college materials/instruments to work on during the semester but once the semester is gone a new bill comes along for the next semester and the materials previously bought are not of a great use sometimes. Creating an app and collection points in campus following the idea of parcel motel model, where students can exchange books, college materials/instruments from students of previous years will help solve the problem of over-consumption and instead of getting rid of old books/instruments that otherwise could go to waste have a second or third chance to be used. As students it is very hard sometimes to find a place where university second hand books can be found and i believe this idea could help a lot to the economy of some students as well as the idea of creating a green friendly university.

Scope of the project

If the app was to be successful the aim is to encourage as many students as possible to use it from all areas of study.


1) while creating an app is free, if the project is successful supervision from an expert in the area might be required but not sure about the cost.2) Building a collection point lockers along campus might be expensive.

How do you envisage dealing with COVID-19 restrictions?

the project can be carried out remotely.


Trinity College Dublin

Target audience

  • Students
  • Academic staff members

Expected date to be completed


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Name: kelly miranda
Faculty/Department: physics
Position: Student
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