BlossomfUUll: biodiversity partners with cultural diversity

Short description

create lovely colourful biodiverse flowerbeds on the main Campus of the UU with the help of our multicultural students/ staff and partners donations.

Long description

This project will create beautiful wildflower beds, we will do this with an international group of staff and students and will combine it with a little picknick together. To get the seeds we will sow we will also invite our UNI-ECO and UNIMED, Cesie partners to send us wildflower seeds and share with us their stories on these seeds, where they grow, their meaning etc. and we will include these stories when we plant the seeds so visitors can see how these partnerships literally grow and blossom in the Netherlands on our Campus. This will be a day of together having fun, sharing stories, working on the soil and sowing the seeds, hanging up bird-houses and bee-hotels, preparing designing and painting sign posts with the stories on the plants. We will order a picknick from local international kitchens and enjoy it together after our work is finished. We will invite the neighbours who live on the Campus, many are international students and staff to join us for this day, by internet, facebook, instagram etc. but also with flyers which we will spread. Our team at the moment is composed of colleagues with a German/Irish, Croatian and American background of Origin. We are looking forward to making Science Park more biodiverse and celebrate our cultural diversity. We will consult with the colleagues from the Universities Botanical Gardens if there are any special issues to consider when planting wild flower seeds we receive from our partners. This activity will take part on a day in late spring, preferably , when it is still early enough to sow the seeds.

Scope of the project

The project concerns the large existing plant boxes on Heidelberglaan, main Campus street. Next to trees they contain only grass. There are a number of these large plant boxes, the URL shows only one. E.g. here a front view:


1000 Euro altogether: 100 Plant Seeds 150 new soil 200 removal parts of grass layer 300 Picknick 50 Bee-Hotel 50 Bird-houses 50 Sign Posts 100 Watering Cans we will ensure the plants get water if needed, there is a watering service for the conventional flower beds.

How do you envisage dealing with COVID-19 restrictions?

work will be outdoors and we will keep a safe distance where needed


Utrecht University

Target audience

  • Students
  • Academic staff members
  • Non-academic staff members
  • Others
inhabitants of the Science park area

Expected date to be completed


Team Leader Information

Name: Kirsten Hollaender
Faculty/Department: Humanities
Position: Non-academic staff member
Number of members of this group: 2

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