50% Plant-based Canteen

Short description

We would want the canteen to be 50% plant-based to lower the environmental footprint of the university.

Long description

Plant-based food has a lower environmental impact than vegetarian and meat option and is therefor the most sustainable option. What we want: - At least 50% of the options in all categories to be plant-based (like sandwiches, soups, warm dishes, drinks, snack) - Plant milk to be the same price as cow milk - No deals with meat products We want to achieve this by talking to the caterer Eurest, who also states on their website that they are promoting plant-based food. Making our canteen at least 50% plant-based will put the UU on the map as one of the worlds first largely plant-based canteens. It would put the UU in a leading position and inspire other Univeristies in The Netherlands and the world.

Scope of the project

The whole university, mostly the canteens.


Most of the budget would go to promoting the new menus and the UU as a green university, but the actual switch won't cost anything/a lot. Since plant-based foods are often cheaper, the UU and the students might even save money.

How do you envisage dealing with COVID-19 restrictions?

Since the canteens are closed at the moment, this is the perfect timing to make a difference and make a fresh start.


Utrecht University

Target audience

  • Students
  • Academic staff members
  • Non-academic staff members
  • Others
Anyone visiting the UU

Expected date to be completed


Team Leader Information

Name: Sophie Croon
Faculty/Department: Medicine
Position: Student
Number of members of this group: 1

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