Short description

2USE is a second-hand exchange platform (website) where students can buy and sell their household and everyday necessities.

Long description

The 2USE model designs out waste by extending the lifespan of products through their repurpose and reuse, as well as their potential refurbish and repair. Students will have the option to create a profile on the website using their college-affiliated email. The site allows you to buy, sell and browse with a search engine to refine the search. The server will ensure the logistical ease of the exchange, through pre-assigned hub points (in agreement with the TCD Green Committee). 2USE’s core value offering is a personalized, user-friendly and safe platform for students to trade their goods. Currently there are no platforms like this operating in Dublin or Ireland, meanwhile elsewhere in Europe the model is being successfully implemented on a local-level. Our team of five members (one undergraduate Business student, three Digital Marketing Masters students & one staff with start-up experience) believe we can leverage our dynamic capabilities to cater for unmet demand in this student market. Means assessment by way of a survey with 50 TCD students, continued collaboration with Enactus, and communication by word-of-mouth show there is unmet potential for 2USE. Results from the survey show students would be glad to avail of 2USE to both save money and make some money, and eliminate waste. Revenue for 2USE will be generated on a commission basis. Sponsorships and advertising also have revenue-generating potential for 2USE. Currently, 2USE has an operating pilot project on Padlet, to test and gather information from the student market, specifically to gain insights as to what they are interested in trading. Items have bespoke qualities which appeal to the student market.

Scope of the project

The pilot platform will be run in Trinity College Dublin, and will involve assigning meeting points or hubs (as agreed with the Green Committee), and or trading events in the Trinity Business School.


Given the positive feedback from the means-assessments and current aim to mobilize the project in February of 2022, we would be greatly benefitted by funding to further support the creation and implementation of our website, the development of our logistics, as well as supporting events on campus. Under the Sweng project program, the Computer Science Department in TCD has agreed to assign a team of students to work on developing the website platform which should alleviate some costs.

How do you envisage dealing with COVID-19 restrictions?

Covid-19 restrictions are a major priority at 2USE, looking towards our launch in February of 2022. 2USE will work in accordance with the college-wide rules. The physical exchange of items will be in spaces which cater for social distancing measures, pre-assigned hubs agreed with the Green Committee. Extra caution will be taken in the sanitation of goods, and payment of items will not be processed until both parties are in agreement that the product's condition (including it’s cleanliness) is assured.


Trinity College Dublin

Target audience

  • Students

Expected date to be completed


Team Leader Information

Name: Kana Hirano
Faculty/Department: Trinity Business School
Position: Student
Number of members of this group: 3

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